At Bishop Juniors FC, our aim is to give every child in Bishop Auckland and the surrounding area access to professional coaching in a safe environment where every child will be welcomed into our club.

We will also try to give as many players as possible the opportunity to compete in leagues and hope to grow as a club to enable us to have multiple teams in same age groups to cater for differing abilities which will help us to develop them as players, and as young people.

If you would like your child to benefit from, what we feel, will be the nearest thing to a Professional Academy System in the area please contact Darren Tait on 07535915275 or

Club Ethos

  • To provide football to all children of age 4+, regardless of ability, in a safe, friendly & professional environment
  • To deliver age appropriate coaching to support long term player development
  • To challenge but support players in an environment where players can express themselves & learn from their mistakes
  • To promote good behaviour, respect for others & develop good young people

Club Philosophy 

  • Develop players across the 4 corners of the FA’s LTPD Model (Physical, Technical, Psychological, Social)

Our Coaches will

  • Be enthusiastic & motivate players
  • Communicate with players using appropriate language & consider how different players might have different learning styles
  • Understand that children are not mini-adults & understand that the development of players is a long term process


With the ball

Players will be encouraged, when possible, to play out from the back and through midfield, progressing play to create chances with clever and creative play.

Goalkeepers will be comfortable in possession, distributing the ball to defenders who are confident to receive the ball and pass, or run with the ball, into midfield.

Players encouraged to retain possession by building play through the thirds (i.e. encouraging players to refrain from kicking the ball hopefully from one end of the pitch to the other).

Develop passing skills focusing on accuracy, variety and incisiveness.

Using intelligent movement, interchanging positions.

Young players will be given lots of opportunities to play in different areas of the pitch  to develop the player.

Young players will be given opportunities to learn how to play the game at different speeds, developing an understanding of which approach – patient build-up play or incisive counter-attacking – is most appropriate depending on the state of the game and the organisation of the opposition.

This style of play will encourage all players, at different times, to join in with attacking play with an emphasis on variety and creativity. Individual dribbling skills and the ability to go past players using a skill or trick, particularly in the final-third, will be encouraged. Players demonstrating such individual abilities should be encouraged to develop these unique skills wherever possible.

Without the ball

Players at all levels will develop their understanding and application of defending skills.

Players will be encouraged to regain the ball skilfully and intelligently, rather than simply chasing after the ball; this includes all players on the pitch and not just those in more defensive minded positions.

Players will be encouraged to develop their understanding of when to attempt to regain the ball early (when the opposition do not have controlled possession) and, alternatively, when to recover, drop-off, and work together to prevent the opposition from executing attacks (when the opposition have good possession).